Download Nigeria Police Force Past Questions & Answers 2020 PDF

Download Nigeria Police Force Past Questions and Answers 2020 PDF| How to download the Nigeria Police Force Past Questions Papers free.

Welcome all successful candidates who registered for the NPF Recruitment 2020 to this page where you can download the complete and updated Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers that will serve as a master guide in preparing for Nigeria Police Force Recruitment aptitude test 2020. As we all are aware that the recruitment screening exams will soon be scheduled and announced, therefore candidates are advised to download the past question and equip their selves with the proper mindset/knowlege for the upcoming exams.

Importance of getting the Nigeria Police Force past questions and answers is that over the years most of the NPF question have be repeated time without number leaving a great advantage for applicants who study the past question paper before writing the examination. Studying the past questions will give you confidence, agility, experience and foresight of the entire exams questions expected and how to best handle it.

Nigeria Police Force Past Questions & Answers

The NPF past questions is segmented into different areas, Subjects including; Mathematics, English Language, and General Knowledge. We fully sure you that most questions will be repeated and encourage you to get a copy of the study e-book.

Now that you have known the structure of the recruitment examination, let us also enlighten you on the sample questions.

Download: DSS Recruitment 2020 Past Questions Paper and Answers


1. What is the current name of the Nigeria Prison Service?

(a) Nigerian Correctional Service.

(b) Nigerian Prisons Monitoring.

(c) Nigerian Detention Service.

(d) Nigerian Inmate Service.

2. What is the motto Nigeria Police Force (NPF)?

(a) The police are your friends

(b) Police arrest offenders

(c) Police enforce law

(d)  All of the above

3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is based on the resolution of the?

(a) Human Right Watch.

(b) United Nations Organization.

(c) Amnesty International.

(d) League of Nations.

4. What is the full Meaning of IGP?

(a) Inspector guiding Police

(b)  Inspector General of Police

(c) Instruction guiding police

(d) Instructor general of police

The decision is left in your court either to study the past question paper or not. But be fully assured that 80% of the previous NPF aptitude test questions have always been repeated, however it will be of greater advantage to download a personal copy.

How to Download the Nigeria Police Force Past Questions and Answers PDF 

Note that the recruitment past questions and answers is not free and therefore you are to pay two thousand naira (N2,000) for full access to a personal copy PDF.

You can use Mobile App, bank deposit or any other way easier for you. Confirm the account number and name correctly before making payment.

Account Name: Udo, Kufre Ime

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Bank: GTBank.

Once payment is made, send a message containing your Full Name, Email Address and Proof of Payment to us on 08101274235 via Whatsapp.

You shall receive a PDF copy of the past questions e-book  through your mail once the payment confirmation is recorded.

Congratulations in advance  to all applicants.