How to Write a Professional Application Letter for a Job Vacancy

Are you currently searching for how to Write a Professional Application Letter for a Job Vacancy? In the world today where digital sector is taking over almost all aspects in life, the little secret behind securing a job opportunity fast is to present a professional application letter attached to your resume (Qualifications).

This piece of article will be educating you on some essential components to include in your job application letter to make it professional and how to arranged them so you can present an excellent application to your employer during interview.

The letter arrangement will follow this format.

  • Writing the Application Letter 
  • Your Address 
  • Employer’s Address 
  • Salutation
  • Body of the Letter 
  • Complimentary Closing 
  • Signature 

MUST NOTE: After seeing a job vacant in a particular company it is advisable to make research and know a few things about the establishment you are writing to, don’t rush over anything.

Make it an assignment to study the company extensively, what the company represent, the activity of the Company, what are the required qualifications and skills, their primary values and mission.

With such knowledge you can pre-determine if you are qualified for the job or not.

To make it very professional you can add some of their primary values and mission to you application letter as part of you ambition. Make it look real as what you are looking forward to else your employer or interviewer will think you are fake.

When the MD or HR as the case may be is going through your letter of application and finds a potential value you articulate which will energize the company, it automatically creates a welcoming environment for you because you are already in accordance with the company.

Generally, we all tend to keep company with people having our common interest in mind.

Let’s get straight to the main point on how to Write a Professional Application Letter.


How to Write a Professional Application Letter

Writing the Application Letter

Writing application letter for a recruitment or job vacant position should be written with a professional or formal letter format which begins with;

  • Writer’s Address
  • Company’s Address
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter which includes (Opening paragraph, second paragraph, third paragraph and closing
  • Complimentary closing
  • Signature

Writers Address

It is natural to start any formal letter with your address at the top right corner of the page. It is the format we all are use to although some formal letters have it from the left side of the page.

Your address includes personal contact information (residential address, email and phone number) and date.

Employers Address 

This is very easy to draft as your personal address.

Your Employer’s address is located on the left hand corner of the page, your employer’s contact information or the Manager’s contact information depending on who you are addressing the letter to.

There are two people who are responsible for that which is either the managing director or the Human resources personel.


As professionalism demands, it is compulsory that you must salute your anticipated employer.

Area of salutation, you are use your employer’s last name or title with prefix such as Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Prof/Dr. /Eng./Senator.

However, most cases you might not know the gender, status or profession of your employer, so you can choose to make a generic salutation like “Dear Sir/Madam”.

Body of the Letter

Opening Paragraph: In this the introductory section of the letter, you will state where and how you saw the job advert and the position you are applying for. It so brief and short.

Second Paragraph: This is the main focus of the letter. This is where you will state your qualifications, experience and why you think you are eligible for the job.

You can as well add all the research you made about the company, it’s mission and values and your ambition/contributions while working with the company.

This will make your application interesting.

Third Paragraph: This section is the narrative part  to the second paragraph above, this is where you add all the skills and experience you possess which must be in accordance with what the company is looking for.

When your knowledge matches with the current performance of the company, the MD or HR will consider your application serious.

The third paragraph makes it easier for you to express yourself fully well without been limited.

This will also make your work very neat, readable and professional.

Closing Paragraph: In this closing paragraph, you can express your full gratification in advance of the job.

This is not a guarantee that you have gotten the job rather it is formal way to show how glad you can be if granted.

Complimentary Closing

Here you will use the formal customary “yours sincerely” and will be followed by your full name.


After the complimentary closing is the signature which can be scanned or handwritten to end the whole letter.

How to write Professional job application letter
Sample of Job Application Letter


Your application presentation is the best avenue of expressing yourself as the right candidate for the vacant position.

Make sure to include all the important ingredients which explains your motives for applying for the job.

Daily, these organizations or companies receives 100’s of letters some with recommendations. Try all possible ways to be outstanding.

Follow the tutorial on this below YouTube video.